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HALLOWEEN EVENT: Den of Scares [Ended]

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HALLOWEEN EVENT: Den of Scares [Ended]

Post by Bunn3h on Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:25 am


During October Bunn3h will be hosting loads of special events! This is your place to find out about the events and talk Halloween!
Please keep in mind this also includes all developer Halloween event items and dinos such as dodo rex.

Throughout Event
Every day below:
○ Double tame on every event day (Note: no double tame Tuesdays for October)

OCT 6 - OCT 8
Element farming weekend:
○ Earn 50% Element instead of 25% from bosses
○ Find extra element inside caves now up to 1-3

OCT 13 - OCT 15
Breeding weekend:
○ x20 mature rate
○ Adjusted imprinting
○ Any tribemate can help imprint
○ x3 hatch/birth rate

OCT 18
Spooky Colored Dino Day:
○ Find Dinos color themed in the wild with Halloween colors (black, purple, orange, green)

OCT 20 - OCT 22
Wyvern weekend:
○ Find wyvern eggs in blue beacons
○ Extra milk will drop with eggs
○ Contact bunny if you found an egg!

OCT 24
Grave robbing day:
○ Find a cemetery in-game and steal from the tombs
○ Beware of zombies! Smile

OCT 27 - OCT 29
Boss Item weekend:
○ Bosses now drop items
○ Hard bosses drop end game ascendant items
○ Bosses can drop the tek pieces they unlock

OCT 30
Trick or Treat day:
○ Build a small halloween decorated hut/house near your base for players to visit for trick or treating
○ Post the cords in this thread and hand out treats or tricks.
○ Visit other players and dress up or paint yourself!
○ 7 pm EST - 11 pm EST

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Re: HALLOWEEN EVENT: Den of Scares [Ended]

Post by Adaliyn on Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:47 am

Yassss! I'm so excited for all of this!
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Direwolf Hunter

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Re: HALLOWEEN EVENT: Den of Scares [Ended]

Post by Waifu on Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:19 pm

YEaaa! To Hyped!!!

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