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Raid Immunity for Autobots

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Raid Immunity for Autobots

Post by SpeenyTS on Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:48 am

All of my dinos were passive except for the Ravager and the vultures.

The dinos were kept in a place away from the main building to avoid collateral damage and died anyway. The main building itself isn't that much worth raiding; there are plenty of windows to see just how barren it is inside right now and most of the worthwhile loot was in the garage (which I didn't even cover over with a roof yet); there were forges, boxes and another smithy which are now all destroyed.

Pistachio and Ankylo Ren's deaths are concerning as while Pistachio could have possibly left the base if he wasn't actually on passive, there is no way Ankylo Ren could have left to get killed by a wild dino; all the gate walls are intact and the last remaining vultures would have helped him out if a raptor somehow spawned in. I don't have any solid evidence of sneakiness here but given the facts I doubt this was natural. How we managed to kill their rex is a mystery; I assume it was left on passive after the vultures took care of its mount.

To add insult to injury, Rome has demonstrated their hatred of nice things by destroying the picnic table on the backyard deck. I have had to put all planned cookouts, luaus, bar mitzvahs and mafia meetings on hold.

I request weekend immunity in order to rebuild the picnic table, arrange funerals for lost dinos and potentially even to rebuild my base.
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Re: Raid Immunity for Autobots

Post by Bunn3h on Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:05 am

Might want to be careful with that yard, things can spawn inside or render inside.

approved 2/9 - 2/11,
be sure to put up your red immune signs with the dates before PVP starts

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