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Server Rates & Info

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Server Rates & Info

Post by Bunn3h on Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:20 am

Bunn3h's Den PvPvE:

•The Island
•3x Taming
•3x EXP
•3x Gather
•Events and giveaways (cash prizes too!)
•15x Mature Speed
•2x Mating Rate
•1.5x Hatch Rate
•Zero mods
•Special Beacon drops unique to our servers
•Disabled Titanosaur
•Scorched Earth content included (no DLC required)
•Griffin rare spawns
•Level 150 wild, 115 player max

Tribe Limits
Any tribes found to be over these limits face admin intervention.
•Max of 6 members.
•Max of 2 Large bases or (1 super base), and 1 mining base
•Max of 3 living Giganotosaurus

Rebalanced Content
•Auto Turrets cost scaled x3 and cost 1 element each
•Auto Turrets 31% more damage
•Vault Cost is scaled x3
•25% more Element from bosses
•SIX easy caves loot boxes contain element
•Player move speed gain lowered to 1% per point from 1.5%
•Player weight gain increased to 12 lbs per point from 10 lbs
•Corpse location beams
•Structure collide tweaked
•Rebalanced Wyverns (wild not on map, raise eggs won in events, max lvl 72)
-Wyvern take 500% less damage
•Non-tamable Rock Elementals
-Wild take 70% more damage. Weak to tek, explosive & bleed damage
•0.5 Structure Resistance (structures take half damage)
•Unlimited Respecs (mindwipe)
•Third Person Enabled
•Map Location Enabled

Steam Browser IP: steam://connect/

Den Server runs on a true PVPVE system. Switches at 10 PM EST.
Monday - Thursday = PVE
Friday - Sunday = PVP

TUESDAY = double tame Tuesdays (x3 -> x6)

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