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Server Rates & Info

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Server Rates & Info

Post by Bunn3h on Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:24 am

Bunn3h's Wilderness PVP:

•One player tribes
•No alliances
•Built in Offline Raid Protection
•5x Taming
•2x EXP
•4x Gather
•Longer daytime
•Events and givaways
•Extra Engrams Points earned every 5 lvls
•0.5 Structure Resistance (structures are now slightly harder to damage)
•Boosts to player weight stats gain per level
•15x Mature Speed
•2x Mating Rate
•1.5x Hatch Rate
•Zero mods
•Special Beacon drops unique to our servers
•Bosses nerfed to allow solo player defeat
•50% more Element from bosses
•Disabled Titanosaur
•Scorched Earth content included (no DLC required)
•Nerfed non-tamable Rock Elementals
•Rebalanced Wyverns (wild not on map, raise eggs won in events)

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