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Server Rates & Info

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Server Rates & Info

Post by Bunn3h on Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:24 am

Bunn3h's Wild West RP:

•4x Taming
•1x EXP
•4x Gather
•Longer daytime
•Events and givaways
•0.5 Structure Resistance (structures are now slightly harder to damage)
•15x Mature Speed
•2x Mating Rate
•3x Hatch Rate
•Special Beacon drops unique to our servers
•Primitive style true to wild west theme
•Disabled Titanosaur
•Disabled Gigantosaurus
•Scorched Earth content included (no DLC required)
•Aberration content included (no DLC required)
•Level 300 wild, 100 player max

Tribe Limits
Any tribes found to be over these limits face admin intervention.
•Max of 6 members.
•Max of 2 Towns/Villages and 2 Small outposts (NO MEGA BASES)

Rebalanced Content
•No alliances
•No global/tribe chats
•Mods to enhance Experience
•No flier tames
•Reworked Engram System
•Vault Cost is scaled
•Currency needed for progression, earned from alpha dinos, beacons, and gold donkey.
•Player weight gain increased to 15 lbs per point from 10 lbs
•Corpse location beams
•Structure collide tweaked
•Non-tamable Large Dinos and Fliers
-Wild dinos deal more damage. Once tamed damage is nerfed.
•0.35 Structure Resistance (structures take 35% less damage)
•Unlimited Respecs (mindwipe)
•Third Person Enabled
•Map Location Enabled

Steam Browser IP: steam://connect/


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Re: Server Rates & Info

Post by Red Kane on Mon May 21, 2018 8:13 pm

I was having problems finding the Mod pack to see what was in it, so the link hopefully is:
Red Kane
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