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Wild West Server - Engrams

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Wild West Server - Engrams

Post by Red Kane on Mon May 07, 2018 7:05 pm

The engrams have been heavily customised, so it can take quite a few levels to get something that you may have got faster on other servers. The first thing to note is that saddles cost gold coins in addition to the normal crafting requirements (more on coins elsewhere) and come higher up the tree than you expect.

This means that if you race off and tame a Parasaur be aware that you cant get the saddle until level 15, and then it will cost 50 gold coins. Carnivore saddles are quite high in the levels for the bigger dinos and mounts. Also better saddles cost more gold, so an Apprentice saddle BP could cost more than 4x basic cost of the same primitive saddle in gold coins. Saddles are available from Beacons but only around the level you need to be to get the beacon.

I recommend that you get the ECO camping mod ASAP and craft the backpack. I overlooked this one initially but it has a load of nice things in it that are very useful early on, including a sleeping bag.

Like normal ARK you need to prioritise your engrams learnt, so for example if an engram is available it does not mean that you have to take it. This is much easier if in a tribe as you can ensure that each tribe member takes different Engrams, making them all available collectively.

Last point about Engrams, if you want something and it is going to be out of reach for a while – trade for it. Odds are that someone else has what you want, just make sure you have something to offer in return, even if just services. There seems to be a lot of smaller tribes around so help with taming or gathering could be useful, help with an inland expedition, or even perhaps an IOU.
Red Kane
Red Kane
Dodo Destroyer
Dodo Destroyer

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Re: Wild West Server - Engrams

Post by Red Kane on Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:58 pm

Eco’s Camping Décor

Obtainable at low level, very useful and a must have when starting out.  All items can be picked up and if you destroy an item it returns the exact amount of materials used. Comes in the form of a backpack (crafting bag) with the following:
• Campfire (Cooks Meat 2x as fast)
• Canoe – cheaper than a raft and has reverse
• Lantern – placeable
• Hand lantern, does not use resources
• Hunting Trophy
• Log Seating
• Sleeping Bag – works as a bed so reusable for all tribe and not single use, respawn point
• Big Tent – can be painted, protection from elements
• Small tent
• S’mores (consumable)
• Trail mix (consumable)
• Marshmallow on a stick
Red Kane
Red Kane
Dodo Destroyer
Dodo Destroyer

Tribe : Amazons
Posts : 11
Carrots : 20
Join date : 2018-04-05
Age : 57
Location : New Zealand

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