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Guide: Gold coins

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Featured Guide Guide: Gold coins

Post by Red Kane on Mon May 07, 2018 7:26 pm

Gold coins
As mentioned under the Engram guide gold coins are required to craft items including saddles and weapons like crossbows. Collecting gold is therefore important for getting what you need later in the game, as well as for trade. Note that some items can be found around the island, so I have collected crossbows, pikes and swords all from crates found lying around. If you break an item that cost coins to produce such as a crossbow it will also cost coins to repair it, so you will always be needing some.

The guide below lists the ways that Gold can be obtained. Thanks to Bunn3h for most of the details.

Getting Gold:

Beacons have 100% chance at coins and are fully customised on level, so if you are around Lvl 30 the blue beacons (level 25) will have items learned and unlocked around Level 20-30. Beacon coins inside increase based on level requirement to open, white being the least and red being the most.  Gold accented chests are coded to drop the maximum coin. Just be careful when getting the Beacons, always assume that there is something nasty waiting to jump you when you go to collect.

The Gold Donkey poops gold coins both in the wild and when tamed, but no breeding as they are all males. We have a number of tamed Gold Donkeys and they provide a reasonable source of income, at least enough to cover weapon repairs.

Killing carnivores/predators has a chance at coin, the larger the beast the more likely the chance to reap rewards.

Select Herbivores can also drop coin (all dinos that drop boss items like vertebrate, brains, claws etc). Brontos and Diplos are in this category, the latter is easy as they do no damage back.

On the server there are events on from time to time where you can find hidden treasure. At the time of writing there is the Billy the Kid treasure which I have been unable to find.

Lastly you may be able to trade for it either by offering your services or crafting something to sell. Most established players seem fairly self sufficient but trading interaction adds to the playing experience, so it is worth interacting with others even if you dont really need anything.
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