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Guide: Element

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Featured Guide Guide: Element

Post by Bunn3h on Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:33 pm


For balance concerns and to eliminate exhausting boss grinding element is used and earned in extra ways.
Below find info on the changes and drop %.
Press CTRL+F and type in your item to find it fast!

Element Cave Locations
Element can be found inside of these marked caves.

Each loot crate in these caves drops 1-2 element per crate.

Element from Alphas
Kill these alpha predators to loot element off their corpses.

Alpha Raptor
Element Dropped: 1-2

Alpha Carno
Element Dropped: 3-5

Alpha Rex
Element Dropped: 5-7

Alpha Megalodon
Element Dropped: 3-5

Alpha Mosasaur
Element Dropped: 6-10

Alpha Tusoteuthis
Element Dropped: 15-20

Element Turret Cost
Turrets cost element to craft on top of the x3 crafting

Auto Turret 1 element per turret.

Heavy Auto Turret 3 element per turret.

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