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Guide: Wyverns & Rock Drakes

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Featured Guide Guide: Wyverns & Rock Drakes

Post by Bunn3h on Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:38 pm


Wyverns and rock drakes are unique on the server, won from events and killing bosses.
Below find info on the eggs and drop %.
Press CTRL+F and type in your item to find it fast!

Boss Drop % Information.

Chance of egg set 15%.
1 Fertile Poison Wyvern Egg 60%
1 Fertile Fire Wyvern Egg 50%
1 Fertile Lightning Wyvern Egg 40%
1 Fertile Ice Wyvern Egg 30%
1 Fertile Rock Drake Wyvern Egg 20%

The Dragon boss has a 100% chance of dropping an egg set.

Wyvern Milk and Nameless Venom can be found in Blue Beacons.

Community Building Map Location
You must hatch the eggs at the community building hatchery found at 50/50.
Hatching these inside a base is dangerous due to the low egg health.

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