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Bunn3h's Wild West PVP Rules

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Bunn3h's Wild West PVP Rules

Post by Bunn3h on Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:19 am

Disclaimer: This server is focused on a roleplay plot and story, if you wish to raid and kill freely this is NOT the server for you.

  1. No verbal attacks/personal insults/harassment
  2. Players names and tribe names must remain respectful. Failure to do so may cause a admin rename and warning
  3. Back talking admin is not tolerated. If you disagree stay respectful.
  4. No use of exploits or glitches If you are caught you might face immediate ban
  5. No Blocking / Claiming Important Game Resources (see below)
    • Do not place structures or turrets on HIGH at; mountain tops, obelisks, inside volcano crater, blocking key paths up mountains and to obelisks, artifact caves, and beach spawns.
    • Foundation/pillar spam is discouraged and may only be done if the area is built in 5 days.
  6. No camping players (does not apply to trying to breach a base)
  7. No wiping of tribes is permitted, if you aim to totally erase players THIS IS NOT THE SERVER FOR YOU.
  8. No kiting/dropping dinos into players bases
  9. No mass picking up tamed dinos and hiding them/spreading them across the map.
  10. No killing dinos knocked out for tame
  11. NO POSING AS ADMIN or taking it upon yourself to enforce these rules.
  12. Do not intentionally work around the rules/work over the system.


  1. Race Choice
    Your race does not determine your characters traits/personality, EX: Bandits can steal from the rich and give to the poor, Sheriffs can be dirty and take bribes... Your race only determines your style and aesthetic. Get creative have fun!
  2. Player names and village names should be respectful of RP theme and time setting.
    Bad taste in names can be cause for whitelist reevaluation.
  3. Stay in character.
    Keep out of character interactions to a minimum. OOC chat should begin with a "\" .... \hold on my phone is ringing.
  4. No sexual/slave roleplay content allowed.
  5. No meta-gaming:
    Using information your character should not yet know and acting upon it - It is understandable that sometimes this cannot be helped but keep it as minimal as possible, you should not be using any information on the forums for in game, and try to use the games interface as little as possible (EX. using spyglass on tames to learn the tame name or player name, instead talk to the player to learn about them.)
  6. No Kill on Sight:
    Give players a chance to react for good roleplay. (EX. You are robbing a player holding them up at gun point and make your reasonable demand, if that demand is not met THEN react with intent to kill.)
  7. Kill with purpose:
    Do not kill just because you can, even 'bad guys/bandits/savages' should respect overall server rules on in-game harassment. Killing 'because I'm a bad guy' is not a reason. Be creative keep in mind your characters goals.
  8. No god complex:
    Player characters are all mortal and can all be hurt and killed, they should fear death to some extent.
    IF YOUR PLAYER DIES IN GAME FROM ANOTHER PLAYER: For 1 hour after respawning you can not combat other players due to injury.
  9. No taxation on a players basic permissions to play:
    If your tribe starts to threaten players for payment to be allowed to play you will be warned for overstepping. Players should never be forced into a payment contract for long term permissions of play. (EX. telling all your neighbors if you own an allosaur you must pay us an allosaur fee / This base is too close to ours and we demand a weekly payment of xxx) Offering services for a price however is fine such as (building an inn and charging players that wish to spend the night)
  10. War & Battles:
    When no agreement can be met a war can be declared. This battle must be agreed on by both sides and take place at a battlefield away from all villages and towns. Clear intent of war: If I win then ---- if you win then ----- must be set.
    Each player gets to respawn 1 time (sleeping bag), battle continues until all present tames are dead or all players on field are dead. Last side standing wins.
  11. Hostage:
    Players can be held against their will for 1 hour. Cooldown of 24 hours. This is considered as soon as the player is held against will unable to fight back, rather by dino grabs or cages. Prisoner should be interacted with and not abandoned in a cage for entire duration.
  12. Offline Raid/Theft:
    If you do rob other players when they offline, sleeping, or away from their home please leave a note behind for the player to discover. This promotes story and interaction! The note should be a slight clue as to who was there. "You see a bright green feather resting on your bookcase." (This hints to the thief player that is always seen with a green Ichthyornis)


Any tribes found to be over these limits face admin intervention.
•Max of 6 members.
•Max of 250 Tames.
•Max of 2 Towns/Villages and 2 Small outposts.
Be aware of how much land you claim based on how much you'll use and need. It helps to start smaller and expand as needed.
(NO MEGA BASES, all 250 tames should never all be housed in 1 large base)

Any dinos found to be used with harassment and glitching/exploiting are subject to being erased. Players found to be breaking server rules will first be issued a warning, any further offences may result in kick/ban(s). Depending on the severity warning may be skipped and result in a ban.

Offence 1: Verbal Warning
Offence 2: Kick from game/30 min ban
Offence 3: 24 hour
Offence 4: Permanent

Document it, screenshot it and contact admin AS SOON AS POSSSIBLE!
Admin Contact: bunn3hden@gmail.com or Send Forum PM


-Admins will play this server using no commands to further themselves.
-Admins spawn ZERO items in, unless for server events or donators.
-Admins will use ZERO meta-gaming info
-Admins will remain in character unless addressing rules or event/donations

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Re: Bunn3h's Wild West PVP Rules

Post by Adaliyn on Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:43 pm

Very well written. Also, I agree to the above rules!
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Re: Bunn3h's Wild West PVP Rules

Post by bianesmith on Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:33 pm

Rules are well written, easy to understand and very reasonable. I will gladly adhere to them and look forward to playing on the server!
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