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Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules

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Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules Empty Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules

Post by Bunn3h on Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:37 pm



  1. No verbal attacks/personal insults
  2. No slander/impersonation of tribes or persons
  3. Players names and tribe names must remain respectful. Failure to do so may cause a admin rename and warning
  4. Back talking admin is not tolerated. If you disagree stay respectful.
  5. No use of exploits or glitches If you are caught you might face immediate ban
  6. No Blocking / Claiming Important Game Resources (see below)
    • Do not place structures or turrets on HIGH at; mountain tops, obelisks, inside volcano crater, blocking key paths up mountains and to obelisks, artifact caves, and beach spawns.
    • Do not build in artifact spawn rooms. If the glow pulse of the artifact touches it IT'S TOO CLOSE.
    • Foundation/pillar spam is discouraged and may only be done if the area is built on in 5 days.
  7. No wiping of tribes is permitted, if you aim to totally erase players THIS IS NOT THE SERVER FOR YOU.
  8. No kiting/dropping dinos into players bases
  9. No mass picking up tamed dinos and hiding them/spreading them across the map.
  10. No killing dinos knocked out for tame
  11. NO POSING AS ADMIN or taking it upon yourself to enforce these rules.
  12. Do not intentionally work around the rules/work over the system.
  13. Do not falsely report players for rule breaking, this will earn you a strike.


During this server phase players should be focused on PVE. Server is placed in PVE mode. Players can not damage structures, or kill tamed dinos/other players. Switch at 10 PM EST.

  1. Do not pick up or trap players during PVE phase
    • If a player is trespassing they must immediately leave when asked, you can not demand them to strip or hold them hostage.
    • It is the players responsibility to have their belongings inside a secure base or location.
  2. Tribe leaders may declare wars with each other
    These wars are free from server pvp rules, tribe leaders set their own terms and time frame for the war
  3. Forward operating bases ARE NOT ALLOWED to be built or exist during PVE Phase. They must be built only on weekends and torn down when unused.
  4. Do not place explosives on other players things during PVE phase
    • ZERO TOLERANCE - Offenders will face strict punishment
    • After Raids do not leave C4 hidden inside and around bases. It is not permitted during PVE and if found when server switches to PVE can get you in trouble.


During this server phase players are able to PVP. Server is placed in PVP mode. Players can raid, and kill tamed dinos/other players. Switch at 10 PM EST.

  1. Do not constantly harass the same players and prevent growth.
    • Bullying of tribes is not healthy for the server and will only drive people away. I will determine this type of harassment case by case, and must be presented evidence in screenshots and logs
  2. If a tribe has been hit hard last weekend. Let them rebuild
    • If you have lost a majority of defences, dinos, and items. You CAN NOT be targeted for the next weekends PVP. Contact Bunn3h via discord or forums.
  3. Do not item grief in raids.  The invaders dropping items so they vanish in raids are not permitted.
  4. Basics of Raiding and Dino Killing.
    • No dinos are safe on this server. You are to protect them from attackers. However "wiping players" is not allowed. No unnessesary damage to a base or go out of the way to kill majority of a players gatherers is permitted. THIS IS A HIGH PVP SERVER expect loss.
  5. You can hold prisoners for 1 hour MAX. This is considered as soon as the player is held against will unable to fight back, rather by dino grabs or cages. 30 min cool down after being released.
  6. No Camping
    • Do not sit outside a base for considerable about of time sniping / playing loud noises on mic.
    If this time has passed and you are not actively making progress to raid the base you must move on:
    Thatch 30 min
    Wood 1 hour 30 min
    Stone 3 hours
    Metal 5 Hours
    Tek 7 Hours

    As long as progress is being made these times can be ignored.
    Do not work around this to harass players you will be warned if your timer is running.
    Players that ignore warning receive a strike.


Any tribes found to be over these limits face admin intervention. Tribe leaders are held accountable for their members.

  • 6 members per tribe
  • 2 alliances per tribe
  • 2 large bases or (1 mega base) per tribe
    Be aware of how much land you claim based on how much you'll use and need. It helps to start smaller and expand as needed.
  • 1 mining base per tribe
  • 1 redwood tree SAP farm platform (exception if your base itself is in the red woods or part of the tree- this is to cut back on sap farms)
  • 2 Giganotosaurus per tribe Does not count cyropods.
  • 1 Mek Does not count cryopods.
  • 200 Tames per tribe Unlimited tames in cryopods.
  • A tribe can house no more than 20 tames from another tribe within its base walls. Not cryopods.
    -If the tames are close enough to respond to damage and will help defend THEY WILL COUNT towards this limit.
    -Giganotosaurus and Meks may NOT be stored at another tribes base.

Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules Mapexa10


This building is a no PVP zone, players are not permitted to kill each other or attack/raid the CB. Auto 2 Strikes.
• Community Building or known as "CB":
~ Found at 48, 48.
~ Houses News Boards about server events and Treasure Store
~ Industrial cooker, grill, grinder

Any dinos found to be used with harassment and glitching/exploiting are subject to being erased. Players found to be breaking server rules will first be issued a warning, any further offences may result in kick/ban(s). Depending on the severity warning may be skipped and result in a ban.

Offence 1: Verbal Warning
Offence 2: Strike on Player
Offence 3: Second Strike on Player, Possible 24 Hour Ban
Offence 4: Final Strike on Player, Permanent Ban

Document it, screenshot it and contact admin AS SOON AS POSSSIBLE!
Admin Contact: bunn3hden@gmail.com or Send Forum PM Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules Pencil10


-Admins are not permitted to raid bases
-Admins are not premitted to instigate PVP, or share raid intel.
-Admins may defend themselfs or their base if directly attacked.
-Admins may not directly interfere with a raid in progress unless it breaks server rules.

Last Revised on 02.15.2019 at 12:41 PM EST

Last edited by Bunn3h on Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:43 pm; edited 30 times in total

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Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules Empty Re: Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules

Post by Brittni on Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:52 pm

Very well written and I agree to all rules above!
Direwolf Hunter
Direwolf Hunter

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Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules Empty Re: Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules

Post by Brent147 on Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:51 pm

I'm very fond of the updates, tweaks, and re-writes to the rules. I think you've done a fantastic job! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!

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Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules Empty Re: Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules

Post by Coffeegremlin on Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:08 pm

Glad I took the time to read these, thank you for making da den a fun and safe place.
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Dodo Destroyer

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Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules Empty Re: Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules

Post by APetPlatypus on Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:31 am

Bunneh - Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the server. I started today and can already tell this will be the perfect fit for me!

Cheers - APetPlatypus
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Dodo Destroyer

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Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules Empty Re: Bunn3h's Den PVPVE Rules

Post by Yamish on Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:49 pm

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Dilophosaur Slayer

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