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Guide: Getting Whitelisted

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Featured Guide Guide: Getting Whitelisted

Post by Bunn3h on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:06 pm


  1. Applying to play
  2. Important Things to Know Before You Play

Applying To Play

Application form found here:

If the application is accepted you will be granted connection clearance and receive an email:
You'll hear back in 24 hours, even if you're declined the email will describe why.

If you've signed up for WWRP donation you'll hear back in 12 hours, and be allowed to connect immediately after hearing back. (as long as you've posted in the donation thread)

Important Things to Know Before You Play

This Server is themed Role Play for the Wild West.

A huge chunk of the server has been customized.

All animals when tamed become slightly weaker, pick your battles wisely.
You will need to explore with caution to prosper.

Flight animals cannot be tamed:
Ptera - Pela - Tapejara - Argy - Moths - Quetzal - Griffin
Large dinos below cannot be tamed:
Trex - Spino - Bronto - Plesio - Mosa - Yuty - Tusoteuthis - Rock Elemental
These dinos do not even spawn and are also untamable:
Wyvern - Phoenix - Titan - Giga - Rock Drake

The Info page for the server stats and rates is  massive help:

The Forum Wiki and Discord can also answer any questions you have!

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