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Monday Mondays
Double Buck drops!
Double Tame Tuesdays
Tame boosted to x6
Fight Club Fridays
Freaky Friday
Random effect is active!

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Server Rates & Info

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Server Rates & Info Empty Server Rates & Info

Post by Bunn3h on Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:20 am

Server Rates & Info Deninf10

Bunn3h's Den PvPvE:

•The Island
•3x Taming
•3x EXP
•3x Gather
•Events and giveaways (cash prizes too!)
•15x Mature Speed
•0.5x Mating Rate
•1.5x Hatch Rate
•Only 2 Mod
•Special Beacon drops unique to our servers
•Disabled Titanosaur
•Disabled Titans
•Disabled Gacha
•Scorched Earth content included (no DLC required)
•Aberration content included (no DLC required)
•Extinction content included (no DLC required)
•Griffin rare spawns
•Level 150 wild, 115 player max
•6 member per tribe
•2 alliances per tribe

Rebalanced Content
•Auto Turrets cost scaled x3 and cost 1 element each
•Heavy Turrets cost scaled x3 and cost 3 element each
•Tek Turrets cost scaled x3
•Auto/Heavy Turrets 31% more damage
•Vault Cost is scaled x3
•Grinder Cost is scaled up and includes bucks
•C4 Cost is scaled x2
•Select Tek items auto unlock at high levels. (player required to defeat any boss to craft however)
•Arena Bosses drop items: Tek, Weapons, Armor, Misc
•SIX easy caves loot boxes contain element
•Alpha creatures now drop element
•Alpha creatures now take 20% less damage
•Player weight gain increased to 15 lbs per point from 10 lbs
•Corpse location beams
•Structure collide tweaked
•Rebalanced Managarmr
-Tamed take 10% more damage, can not breed
•Rock Elementals
-Take 50% more damage. Weak to tek, explosive & bleed damage
-Tamed only take 20% more damage
•0.5 Structure Resistance (structures take half damage)
•Unlimited Respecs (mindwipe)
•Third Person Enabled
•Map Location Enabled
•Server Economy
-Most carnivores drop Bucks
-Select larger herbivores drop Bucks
-Bucks used for crafting all saddles and end game weapons
-Bucks used for items in Treasure Store
•Select Saddles cost tribute items to craft
•Rabbit Creature spawners

Steam Browser IP: steam://connect/

Den Server runs on a true PVPVE system. Switches at 10 PM EST.
Monday - Thursday = PVE
Friday - Sunday = PVP

TUESDAY = double tame Tuesdays (x3 -> x6)



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