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Featured Guide Guide: Den Vrs Meadow

Post by Bunn3h on Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:13 pm


You are probably wondering what server fits you best or what the perks are to deciding to play both.
Below I will cover the main ways the servers are different including what rebalancing has been done to allow them to be clustered.

Each is set up so that they are equally fun played separate or in tandem.

Den PvPvE Server

This server features PVP weekends and the following can be made/found ONLY on the Den Server.
PVP activates at 10 PM EST Friday - ends at 10 PM EST Sunday.

  • Transfers:
    Items, Creatures, and Players can be transferred in from the PVE server but ONLY the player can transfer back into PVE. This prevents ppl exploiting the transfer system to abuse PVP yet still allows players to build up in a safe place an enjoy jumping into PVP when ready.
  • Exclusive Dinos:
  • Exclusive Items:
    C4 Remote
  • Item Blueprints are 20% cheaper (promotes easier crafting for fast paced PVP)
  • Mate Interval x2 (time reduced by half before you can breed females again - promotes fast war breed lines)

Server Specific Rules
During the Den Server's weekend phase players are able to PVP. Server is placed in PVP mode. Players can raid, and kill tamed dinos/other players. Switch at 10 PM EST Friday - 10 PM EST Sunday.

  1. Players follow all rules under "OVERALL CONDUCT" of rules page.
  2. Do not pick up or trap players during PVE phase
    • If a player is trespassing they must immediately leave when asked, you can not demand them to strip or hold them hostage.
    • It is the players responsibility to have their belongings inside a secure base or location.
  3. Forward operating bases ARE NOT ALLOWED to be built or exist during PVE Phase.
    • They must be built only on weekends and torn down when unused.
    • Do not build a base closer than 30 foundations to another base or it will be considered a FOB
    • Any structure built on kingdom property is considered a FOB unless given permission by the kingdom to build in the region.
    (see kingdom season rules below) Guide: Den Vrs Meadow Crown10
  4. Do not place explosives on other players things during PVE phase
    • ZERO TOLERANCE - Offenders will face strict punishment
    • After Raids do not leave C4 hidden inside and around bases. It is not permitted during PVE and if found when server switches to PVE can get you in trouble.
  5. Basics of Raiding and Dino Killing.
    • No dinos are safe on this server. You are to protect them from attackers. Expect brutal PVP and possible wipes. THIS IS A HIGH PVP SERVER expect loss. Please build a safe haven base on the Meadow server to avoid total loss.
  6. You can hold prisoners for 1 hour MAX. This is considered as soon as the player is held against will unable to fight back, rather by dino grabs or cages. 30 min cool down after being released.
  7. No Camping
    • Do not sit outside a base or on a player spawn for considerable about of time sniping / killing nude players / playing loud noises on mic.
    If this time has passed and you are not actively making progress to raid a base you must move on:
    No Base 15 min
    Thatch 30 min
    Wood 1 hour 30 min
    Stone 3 hours
    Metal 5 Hours
    Tek 7 Hours

    As long as progress is being made these times can be ignored.
    Do not work around this to harass players you will be warned if your timer is running.
    Players that ignore warning receive a strike.
    24 hour cooldown before you can return back to the same location after hitting time limit and leaving.

DEN'S KINGDOM SEASON RULES & INFO Guide: Den Vrs Meadow Crown10
Kingdoms is a system for players that gives PVP players a way to "win" the current cycle/season.

  1. Players can not build on kingdom territory in PVE unless they join the kingdom alliance/tribe or have permission by the king. All enemy bases on this property are considered a FOB and can only invade the land during the weekend.
  2. Kingdoms are reigned by one king in control of the large alliance of tribes There are 3 kingdoms.
  3. Players do not have to participate in the kingdom system and can just play as nomads (regular tribes & players) and live on no mans land See map below
    Guide: Den Vrs Meadow Kingdo10

    Kingdom's goal = Eliminate the other kingdoms to win the season, or survive to end of season
    Nomad's goal = Survive or steal a kingdom from a king

    Kingdoms are eliminated or taken over by killing the Royal Rabbit.
    The tribe that kills this special dino has the choice to steal the kingdom or let the land fall to no mans land.

    Rabbit must stay on kingdom territory at all times.
    Admin will check with kings randomly on where the rabbit is stored.

    The kingdom (tribe that directly owns the royal rabbit) loses all of their base and tames due to being defeated.

    ▬ If the Conqueror decides to take the land all other members of the kingdom via alliance are forced off the land in defeat. Those banished players can attempt to join a different kingdom or steal it back as nomads, but ultimately lose their original base on the fallen territory in the defeat.
    - If the Conqueror that decided to take the land is a nomad he becomes the new king!
    - If the Conqueror that decided to take the land is a king he now owns more territory!

    ▬ If the Conqueror decides to not claim the land the territory becomes a part of no mans land and all players can freely live or stay based on it.

    If a member betrays his kingdom he must be banished from the alliance/kingdom and never allowed to return or rejoin.
    If this players gets banished from all 3 kingdoms he is forever exiled to play as a nomad, his only hope is to steal a kingdom by defeating it.


  1. No Blocking / Claiming Important Game Resources (see below)
    • Do not place structures or turrets on HIGH at; mountain tops, obelisks, inside volcano crater, blocking key paths up mountains and to obelisks, artifact caves, and beach spawns.
    • Do not build in artifact spawn rooms. If the glow pulse of the artifact touches it IT'S TOO CLOSE.
    • Foundation/pillar spam is discouraged and may only be done if the area is built on in 5 days.
    Guide: Den Vrs Meadow Outside
    ^Excessive spam around bases such as above is not allowed
  2. No Maximum Base Limits - build as much and as large as you like
  3. No Building in underwater caves

Meadow PvE Server

This server features full time PVE and the following can be made/found ONLY on the Meadow Server.

  • Transfers:
    Only Players can be transferred in from the PVP server. This prevents ppl exploiting the transfer system to abuse PVP yet still allows players to build up in a safe place an enjoy jumping into PVP when ready.
  • Exclusive Dinos:
    No dinos exclusive to this server. Other than cosmetic: ice golem, chalk golem
  • Exclusive Items:
    Natural Scenery Mod Items for D├ęcor
  • Item Blueprints are normal costs
  • Mate Interval x1 (regular breed cooldowns for PVE balance)

Server Specific Rules

  1. Players follow all rules under "OVERALL CONDUCT" of rules page
  2. Players are not to PVP or push any sort of unwelcomed pressure on other players for combat
  3. Do not build right next to another player unless given permission Bases should not be any closer than 30 foundations to someone else's base. If you find a abandoned base wait for demolish timers to pop.
  4. Protect your own items from theft! Admins will not enforce players to not steal, it is your job to lock boxes or keep belongings in a closed base!

Any tribes found to be over these limits face admin intervention.
• 130 Tames per tribe (cryopods not counted)
• 2 Bases MAX
• 2 Small outposts (resupply posts with minimal footprint and no more than 5 tames) per tribe
• DO NOT "LAND GRAB" gating in large areas that are empty can earn you a warning.
Be aware of how much land you claim based on how much you'll use and need. It helps to start smaller and expand as needed.
-NO MEGA BASES, 130+ tames should never all be housed in 1 mega base active (un-cryopodded) on map
-Keep less than 130 tames at one base! (doesn't matter what tribe owns them!)
• Cryopods are available and can be used to store extra creatures and not count for these limits.

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