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Fossil Finds #1 Empty Fossil Finds #1

Post by Bunn3h on Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:09 pm

Fossil Finds #1 Fossil11
Welcome to the first ever Fossil Finds a weekly news update for what is going on this week! These will be posted every sunday night when PVP switches off to keep you updated on all the things.


-Double Tame Tuesday Taming is increased from x2 to x4 on ALL SERVERS! Starts at Tuesday 1 am EST
-Wing raffle giveaway currently active in discord! JOIN DISCORD
-Draw or Create an Ark Meme! Enter Here

Server Changes:

-Wooden Ocean Platform no longer requires turtle shells to craft
-Starter kit is now unlocked on all servers! Start with noob tools and a noob argy!
Fossil Finds #1 20200810

Webpage Updates:

-Quick Shop will be opening on monday with limited inventory to test the waters on interest and demand, patreon donators will be given a 1 time discount code for each month they are active
-Wiki pages release phase one will be up on monday (mod info, custom creature info, beacon info, dlc info)
-Wiki pages final phase will be up on thursday (boss loots, drop tables, spawn infos)
-Donator redeem page is going up late tonight / monday morning
-Royal Rabbit Forum Application is now OPEN

Player of the Week:

Fossil Finds #1 630-7

He was extremly helpful with gathering info for the wiki resource list.
PoTW winner perk is 25 bagobucks and a special badge on your forum posts!

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